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Rocio Sanchez with the Eifeltower in the background
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Rocio Sanchez
CEO of Marketing by Rocio

They are a multicultural Brand Strategist and multilingual Digital Marketing Specialist.

They believe that LGBTIQ+ entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color should take up space, so they made an agency dedicated to this goal.

Marketing by Rocio is a digital marketing agency that brings confusing tech trends down to earth for business owners to thrive. Through consultation, Rocio determines business’ marketing needs and implements them effectively.

Born and raised in New York City, Rocio has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Marketing, and Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology and completed a Master’s degree in Fashion Studies at The New School – Parsons Paris. After living in Paris for three and a half years (through graduate school and a pandemic), Rocio decided to move to Amsterdam to establish their business and themselves in the lively and entrepreneurial LGBTIQ+ community on the ground.

Rocio is also a public speaker focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as professional development resources for LGBTIQ+ professionals of all levels.

They are a co-founder of the BGLBC. Check their LinkedIn profile for more information.