BeNeLux LGBTIQ+ Business Chamber

The Founding of the BGLBC

In July 2022, the initiative was launched to set up the BeNeLux LGBTIQ+ Business Chamber* (BGLBC). To get feedback from (prospective) members, a trilingual survey was set up, which quickly accumulated well over 250 participants. The survey remains open for more input and feedback: you are invited to complete it (it takes 2 minutes).

A first meeting was held in Ghent, a second one in Amsterdam (picture left) where we got the opportunity to meet with the entrepreneurs, and present the first results of the survey.

We will take the summer to make the next steps, and will keep you informed.

* We have chosen the abbreviation LGBTIQ+ to be in line with other Chambers in Europe.
We are a Business Chamber, so as not to be confused with the semi-governmental Chamber of Commerce.

Read more about the Benelux and the power of the rainbow community.


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About us

Mission Statement: The BeNeLux LGBTIQ+ Business Chamber (BGLBC) sees itself as a strategic business partner not only for LGBTIQ+ -owned companies, but for the entire Benelux economy. The goal is to strengthen the financial, intellectual and social capital of the LGBTIQ+ business world through support and promotion, while providing the economy with a platform for networking with our community.

Key Targets & Our Values

  • Validation of companies as LGBTIQ+ owned and operated, via the EGLCC
  • Stimulating Supplier Diversity on the side of corporate partners, governmental and semi-governmental organizations, i.a. by giving access to the database of validated members
  • Policy Advocacy, also towards governments and NGOs
  • Training, coaching, and educating members
  • Mission: Enhance economic well-being and opportunities for our community by being an advocate and resource for LGBTIQ+ and LGBTIQ+ inclusive businesses.
  • Goal: Draw broad attention and provide support with community related issues by initiating concrete, high-level activities and acting as a business voice for German LGBTIQ+ and inclusive businesses.
  • Service: Support businesses with community related issues and relevant marketing, advocate for the LGBTIQ+ and inclusive businesses on all policy levels, provide acknowledged tools (e.g. validation).
  • Target Group: LGBTIQ+ and inclusive businesses aiming to further enhance their supportive structures and activities and increase their visibility and success.
  • Membership structure: Heterogeneous membership structure – LGBTIQ+ and inclusive businesses from all sectors.

Board Members

Rocio Sanchez

Stefaan De Vreese

Alfred Verhoeven


This is a free service. If you would like to become a member of this regional chamber, please click on the button and fill out the registration form. Validation is done by the European LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce.

What you will get with the registration:

  • Validation as an LGBTIQ+ owned and operated company
  • Listing in the European register available for consultation by members and by partner companies looking for validated suppliers
  • Professional services like workshops, training and networking events
  • Dedicated assistance for LGBTIQ+ startups and scaleups
  • Introduction to and connection with companies and (non-)governmental organizations
  • International networking

Our Partners

The existence of LGBTIQ+ Chambers of Commerce – or Business Chambers as they are called in some markets – has been proven a successful factor of support and development for the community. Starting in the USA with the NGLCC (est. 2002), there are meanwhile Chambers in more than 50 North American states and regions, in 7 South American countries, Canada, South Africa and Australia. In recent years, European chambers are being established.

In June 2018, the founding of the European LGBTI Chamber of Commerce (EGLCC) was announced at an international conference in Vienna. In addition to the Scandinavian, Italian and German representatives, as well as East meets West, the BGLBC belongs to the European network. There also is a co-operation with OutBritain.

The BGLBC sees it as a responsibility to share their values and experiences with the other already existing Chambers and to support the foundation of further Chambers.

Founding Companies

Marketing by Rocio


Marketing the Rainbow

The BGLBC offers partnership options. Check here for the overview.

For an overview of all our partner associations, alliances and friends, go to our Partnership page.

Founding Partners EGLCC, Platinum Level

Johnson & Johnson



Corporate Partners EGLCC, Gold Level



Sony Pictures


Corporate Partners EGLCC, Silver Level



Ernst & Young

Friends and Allies EGLCC, Bronze Level


The work of the BGLBC has begun. We will use the the summer to consider the many suggestions and projects that have been submitted to us and to develop our strategy. We will come back to you in autumn with further information, including information about membership. In the meantime, if you have any further questions and/or suggestions, please contact us using the form below – we look forward to hearing from you.

There are five key categories of tailored activities:

  • Tailored cooperation and advocacy with public officials at all policy levels
  • Broadcasting the positive impact of an LGBTIQ+ inclusive environment (e.g. conduct/support/research/disseminate studies)
  • Facilitate LGBTIQ+ tailored education initiatives
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Internships
  • National and International Business and Leadership Conferences
  • Annual awards event
  • Regular Networking Events
  • Webinars
  • Workshops and Master Classes
  • Website
  • Social Media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Events calendar
  • Newsletter
  • Business Directory
  • Notification of Requests for Proposal that have been forwarded to members
  • References to PM of companies, authorities, associations, actions tenders etc.
  • Provide a diverse supplier validation for LGBTIQ+ owned, operated and managed companies and LGBTIQ+ inclusive companies


Supplier Diversity is a business strategy that sources, values and promotes products and services from diverse suppliers. A diverse supplier is a business that is at least 51% owned and operated by an individual, partnership or group of people from a traditionally marginalised or underrepresented group (e.g. LGBTIQ group).

When corporates are proactive in sourcing goods and services from LGBTIQ owned and operated businesses, they unlock innovation and creativity through diversity whilst signalling their ethical commitment to inclusion. This in turn creates the potential to extend the customer base and grow new markets whilst simultaneously creating opportunities for LGBTIQ SMEs to grow their businesses.

In addition to enabling LGBTIQ SMEs to grow their businesses, a commitment to working with these diverse suppliers provides an opportunity to uplift the LGBTIQ community as a whole through the creation of new jobs, increased wages and enhanced visibility, and research shows that when companies increase their diverse spend they see an increase in market share.

A win:win:win for diverse suppliers, corporates and their customers.

Diverse supply chains provide multiple channels from which to procure goods and services, promoting healthy competition between existing and potential suppliers, and foregrounding previously untapped potential – creating new opportunities for business expansion with the emergence of new consumer needs based upon shifting demographic realities.

Registration/validation by the BGLBC / EGLCC is the process by which a business can have its status as an LGBTIQ diverse supplier authenticated by a recognized independent European body. This legitimates the position of the LGBTIQ business in the diverse supply chain and enables the organizations procuring goods or services from this business to report diverse supplier spending and promote its corporate commitment to supplier diversity.

In addition to overseeing the registration of LGBTIQ businesses, the BGLBC / EGLCC provides opportunities for LGBTIQ suppliers to be matched with organisations seeking diverse suppliers via their screening procedure, database, in-person and online networking events, matchmaking processes and promotional activities.

In its role as an umbrella organisation, the BGLBC / EGLCC connects and promotes its member LGBTIQ national Business Chambers across Europe, and offers a central point of registration for LGBTIQ owned and operated businesses.

It’s aims are to:

  • make European LGBTIQ businesses more visible so that they become a relevant group in their local business community;
  • increase the social acceptance of LGBTIQ people in a business environment so that they can become influential players in their business communities;
  • promote diversity as a relevant value in the business world which can lead to powerful collaborations and create unique business opportunities;
  • make clear to LGBTIQ businesses that coming out in business is not a threat to their existing successes but that it is as valuable as a personal coming out – it makes the businesses stronger, more authentic and more successful.


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