East meets West online conference in Vienna on June 12, 2020

The 6th East meets West Conference 2020 “Connecting the dots” connected international LGBTIQ+ networks with interested partners from business and society to discuss LGBTIQ+ topics, share ideas and create a professional environment for efficient networking. In 2020 the conference was virtual and yet tangible.

Top-class representatives of the LGBTIQ+ networks discuss the position of the community in the professional world and its importance in the future with partners from business in keynotes and panel discussions.

Among others, Fabrice Houdart (Managing Director for Global Equality Initiatives at Out Leadership), Nedra Dickson (Managing Director, Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Lead at Accenture), Jens Schadendorf (Author Gayme Changer) and Nikita Baranov (Innovation Enthusiast and LGBT+ Evangelist) will speak METRONOME GmbH).

“The annual conference is the culmination of our efforts to network companies and their buyers (procurement) with us, the LGBTIQ+ service providers,” says Fabienne Stordiau, founding member of the German sister organization BGLBC, and further: “2019 were representatives represented from 28 countries. In 2020 we will even exceed that!”

Together we are stronger

The EGLCC (European LGBTI Chamber of Commerce) was founded on the basis of the principles enshrined in the Vienna Declaration on LGBTIQ+ Business and acted as the organizer of the conference. Together with the national Chamber and partners, it forms a strengthened local, national and European LGBTIQ+ business community. It provides a platform to connect growth-oriented, creative and innovative LGBTIQ+ businesses with firms that recognize and support the opportunities an inclusive and diverse supply chain offers.

Further information on the German chamber GGLBC can be found on the Internet at www.gglbc.de, and on the European Chamber at eglcc.eu.

The virtual conference on June 12 provided a professional environment to focus all of these efforts. Whether companies, entrepreneurs, shareholders or designers at all levels of the business world: “Take part, become visible, let’s build a strong network.”, Stordiau summarized.